BahBieuBuh is an undoubtedly unique fantasy short written in hyper-dub-poetry style.  The story vivaciously chronicles a young child's inception into a majestic dreamscape, guided and initiated by the floaty ardor BahBieuBuh, the dream master.  The united, inseparable pair spend the entirety of their journey traversing through scenery and characters that which porpoises to a spiritual awakening, conveyed through colorful language in a mélange of saccharine synapses.  The story is an unrelentingly positive and uplifting piece, that aids to the realization of resplendent glory by the transmission of uninhibited exploration and faithful imagination.  BahBieuBuh will leave you feeling exhilarated by a jolt of sustainability, reminding of the classic importance to allegories of youthful exuberance and the quintessence of vulnerable, innocent love.  



In addition, Benjamin's music satisfies listeners with an eclectic fusion of clean instrumentals. Purchase through the Store.